All industry : Semiconductor, Display, Automotive,…
3D Circuit Technology(Laser-Plating)
Technologies LPP (Laser Plating Pattern s)
Laser Surface Modification Plating
■ Plastics(polymers)
■ Glass/Ceramics
■ Metal(Al, SUS, Fe, etc)
■ Films(PI, PET, Ferrite,…)
■ Plastics(polymers)
■ Glass/Ceramics
■ Metal(Cu, Ni, Au, Ag,…)
■ Films
Critical Technology
Elements(CTEs) Development

■ Laser & optic technologies
■ Correlation with physical properties of
■ Compatible chemicals with laser pattern
■ Primer chemicals for glass/metal/films
System Development
(Main Business)

■ Special &
■ Customized
(General level)
Application development
■ Mobile display parts
■ Automobile parts
■ Home appliance & IoT
Process & chemicals
Display, Automotive
AG Glass(Anti-Glare Glass)
  • AG GLASS (Anti-Glare Glass) is an anti-glare glass which made by print-etching on the glass, which is a processing technology that prevents reflection of light.
  • Glass processing after the AG may also get the features of a fingerprint-resistant, anti-pollution with fine patterns.
  • Application
1) Display
  • Normal spec : Ra = 0.18㎛, Gross = 70, Hz = 4~5%
  • Automotive display : Navigation, dash board, camera.
  • Mobile display : Folder phone
  • Laptop & tablet to TV
  • Others : many functional monitors like game, military, medical, sign board, interactive board, frame glass, interior, etc.
2) Camera module
  • CIS outer cover glass
  • Normal spec : Ra = 0.04㎛, Gross = over 150, Hz = 1~2%
Exposure Machine for (F)PCB & ITO film
Scan+ Rigid PCB Flex PCB
Soft contact
DFR(Dry Film Resist)=線幅(pattern width)→15um
LPR(Liquide Photo Resist)=線幅(pattern width)→4um
DFR(Dry Film Resist)=線幅(pattern width)→20~25um
LPR(Liquide Photo Resist)=線幅(pattern width)→7um
(Max)Size W1,300 x L1,500mm W1,500 x 2500
Semiconductor Line Automation : H/W Tools